Agile Process .

Because of the flexibility and evolving character of the Agile Methodology of working, it has become one of the most popular techniques to project management today. It was created for software development and began in 2001 with the Agile manifesto. Agile project management has grown over time and has become a common alternative for many project managers, regardless of industry.

In a word, Agile project management is an incremental as well as iterative approach to the project that enables teams to meet the demands of today's workplace. It is made up of various approaches, all of which are founded on the principles of quality, transparency, flexibility, as well as continual progress.

Agile project management (APM) is a software development strategy that ensures that input is taken into account right away and that modifications are made at every stage of the process of development in a scheduled manner.

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As a result, employing the APM approach, teams may execute tasks rapidly and interactively while maintaining within a project's timeframe and budget. Many APM methods are built on agile concepts and values.

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