As the corporate environment changes, the complexities of many business procedures are increasing. One of the most crucial thrust areas in the firm collaboration is adherence to a flexible business strategy. In today’s workplace, traditional business concepts are no longer applicable.

An optimal engagement model should benefit both the firm and the client, which is something we always keep in mind. The client is only advised on the most suited business model. The client can choose from one or more of the following engagement models, or a combination of them:

Fixed price model

For agencies with well-defined project timetables and goals, fixed-price engagement models are the best solution. According to this business model, the development company and the client agree on a defined charge. The fixed cost of the project is linked to predetermined deliverables.

If you don’t have the specifications you need, we can assist you create them with the support of a skilled business analyst team.

Our business analyst creates a detailed Business Requirement Document (BRD). The wireframe, technical requirements, as well as business flow of the project are all contained in this paper.

On the basis of the finalised BRD, we provide the client with a timeline and cost estimate. We get the client’s requirement specification.

MoonWeb provides post-delivery services both during and after the release, as requested by the client. Project development, quality assurance, as well as all other activities of the project are conveyed transparently in a well-managed manner with an on-time delivery.


When describing the project’s definition, implementation, and scope is challenging, this, Material and Time model of engagement turns out to be the most feasible option. In this company model, all of the development activities are tracked every hour. After that, the client is billed at the specified hourly rate.

The client makes the payment in advance, per hour, so that they can select the hourly slots they want.

Requirement and specification discussions are not on the list of high-priority tasks because they are flexible to choose at any point during the project development process.

We receive the customer’s needs and project specifications, then they can use the time they’ve paid for on the project for a defined length of time.

The client receives a fair hour log as well as a quick turnaround, making this strategy cost-effective.


Through this paradigm, our clients get the liberty of choosing the best-suited multidisciplinary as well as professional resources. These resources are utilised in a way that aids our clients in achieving their business objectives. This business model is most commonly used for long-term collaborations that necessitate a significant amount of effort.

Client can choose the best from the listed qualified developers as well as designers,

An IT infrastructure customised to your company’s needs.

Every phase of the project development process is notified to the client in real time, allowing for quick project start-up and minimal debate time.

Working in an open and transparent manner and providing regular progress updates.